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[+] You might be a debt collector and not even know it!
[+] Pitfalls of escrow accounts in real estate transactions
[+] Effectively using experts in litigation
You might be a debt collector and not even know it!
By Michael A. Klutho and Justin H. Evans
Imagine yourself playing a round of golf with some friends on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. While waiting to tee off on the 11th hole, your friend, who happens to be the owner of a roofing company, tells you that one of his recent homeowner clients is stubbornly refusing to pay for a $3,500 roofing job. Your friend is sure that the homeowner would pay if you, a lawyer, would just send the homeowner a letter demanding payment on your firm's letterhead. The task seems simple enough, so you draft a letter to your friend's client demanding payment. Have you just become a "debt collector" under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)?
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By Geralyn M. Passaro, Litchfield Cavo LLC, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Attorney escrow accounts are frequently used to hold deposited funds relating to a real estate transaction prior to a closing. Funds are generally received from client who are buyers in a real estate transaction or from real estate brokers who receive initial deposits when a contract is signed.
Read more Effectively using experts in litigation
By Dax R. Watson, MACK WATSON & STRATMAN, Phoenix, AZ
As a litigation attorney, you probably find yourself regularly working with experts on your cases, but have you ever taken the time to consider the impact of using experts – on a case and on you personally? How you select and work with experts may not just mean the difference between winning and losing your client's case; it may mean the difference between you being named as a defendant in a legal malpractice suit or not.
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